Song search help

Search for multiple words

When search has multiple words, all of them must be found.
bambini mondo
Find both bambini and mondo.

Search for one of the words

Put OR between words to find at least one of them.
bambini OR mondo
Find either bambini or mondo, or both.

Exclude words from search

Put - before each word which must not be found.
bambini -mondo
Find bambini without mondo.

Search for consecutive words

Put words inside quotes to search for them in that order, consecutively.
"bambini del mondo"
Find bambini del mondo.

Search for words near each other

Put words inside quotes and ~0, ~1, ~2, ... after quotes to search for words in any other, with up to 0, 1, 2, ... other words between them.
"bambini mondo"~1
Find bambini and mondo with up to 1 other word between them.

Finds for example bambini del mondo or mondo di bambini, but not bambini di tutto il mondo.

Search for partial word

Use ?, % and * to search for partial word.
Finds for example bambina or bambino, but not bambin or bambinello.
Finds for example bambin, bambina or bambino, but not bambinello.
Finds for example bambin, bambina, bambino or bambinello.
Finds for example dagli or degli, but not dirgli.
Finds for example dagli, degli or dirgli.
Finds for example estate, but not questa or restare.
Finds for example questa, but not estate or restare.
Finds for example estate, questa or restare.